1- What is the Energy Corridor?

As the name suggests, Energy Corridor apartments Houston Texas, is not a single apartment constructed in Houston. But it is a seven-mile-long area covering from Kirkwood Road to Barker Cypress Road in the west. This district extends up to Briar Forest from Eldridge Parkway from the south. This district has many corporate headquarters and non-energy firms. Mainly, many energy corporate companies such as BP America, Citgo, Shell Oil Company, and ConocoPhillips.

Along with the energy corporations, non-energy corporations are also headquartered in the Energy Corridor, such as Toyota Distributors. Approximately 106,000 employees are working in the Energy Corridor and are spread across seven miles, with around twenty-six million square feet allotted just as the commercial space. There are numerous parks in the Energy Corridor, and they are all responsible for creating a nurturing and positive environment.

2- History of Energy Corridor

Also known as the space city, Houston is a well-known city with lots of new infrastructures developed by many corporations. The low cost of living and the job opportunity chances have helped make Houston a place worth visiting for travelers and Americans alike. The Energy Corridor first moved to Houston during the 70s and planned to construct new offices near residential complexes. After 2001 the energy corridor was given to the district that it is today.

The main objective of creating a district focusing only on the Energy Corridor was to construct a place where new companies could use their infrastructure and make the place more sustainable. Since the district’s creation, there have been developments such as bicycle, bus lanes, and sidewalks were created. New schemes for tree plantation were implemented, and some more regulations were implemented to increase the beauty of the place. Due to the addition, the property rate increased three times, and the allocation of new office space also increased considerably since its inception.

The oil glut caused the progress to slow down tremendously, and also, the rates of office space were skyrocketing. Still, the district managed to construct several hospitals and cancer centers to help the people in need. During Hurricane Harvey in August and September 2017, the district saw tremendous flooding because both the district’s reservoirs had overflowed. The US army corps engineers did a fantastic job of moving the water from the reservoirs to the Buffalo Bayou. This prevented the reservoirs from sustaining great damage. Still, there was extensive flooding throughout the district.

3- Education in the district

There are many private and public schools in the district. The district is also well known for its public libraries. Though the schools were safe from the Hurricane Harvey floods, the Kendall library sustained heavy damage from the floods. Though the books were not affected since they were kept safe and secure on the library’s second floor, they did have some form of molds due to the water and humidity. Only the electronics and the elevators of the libraries sustained damage. The library was given around $4 million and was opened in 2019.

To conclude

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