Houston is a popular and well-known city in Texas. It’s well-known for its bustling nightlife, shopping areas, and authentic delicacies. But the city is also known for its affordable apartment homes, which you and many others like you can live comfortably. You will not just get the chance to purchase a property. But also get to rent it within your budget. If you are interested in renting a place, you can check out the apartments on Westheimer, which are cozy, relaxing, modern, and stylish. These apartments are one-of-a-kind and perfect for all individuals. 
Apartments on Westheimer: Things to know
The Westheimer region of Houston is a street that starts from Bagby Street and ends at Westpark Tollway. The street is well-known for its nightlight, high-end stores, and food joints, for which it attracts many people from all corners of the city. But the apartments located in this particular area of Houston, TX, are something to watch out for. They come in 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms and 2 to 3-bathrooms. Also, they are pretty much affordable when it comes to the rent.
Individuals, such as working professionals, international and local students, just-married couples, and singles, can rent them to live peacefully and enjoy their stay. The best thing about these apartments is the amenities and features. Without them, all the apartment homes will appear incomplete. When moving in, you do not have to purchase any furniture or appliances as they will already be within the apartment. 
Some of the things you will get are private balconies, high-speed internet, carpeted or hardwood flooring, well-equipped bathrooms and kitchens, and storage rooms. Some new things were added to these homes: ceiling fans, energy-saving appliances, wooden furniture, and laundry rooms. You receive a patio, grill, picnic area, a garden, and swimming pools for the outdoor part. 
What does Westheimer have in store?
When you are new in Houston and want to get around the city, especially near Westheimer, there are places to go. These places carry a decent reputation and have running for many years. To know what they are, check the information below.
1.Galleria: When it comes to shopping, Galleria is the best you need to be. Why? This is the place for all shopping addicts. From high-quality clothes and accessories to shoes and cosmetics, this shopping mall has everything that you want. Galleria is one of the biggest shopping malls in Houston. It houses some of the universally popular brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Zara, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and many more. 
2.The Phoenix: The Phoenix is a decade-old brewpub located in Westheimer. It carries a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, which stands out as a hangout places for group friends. The food is over the top as they serve some of the finest and the freshest delicacies. Some of the things that you must try are pub pie, fried chicken, burgers and sandwiches. 
3.The Montrose Paint Wall: Located in Westheimer, this multicolored wall is a perfect place to take unique and funky pictures with your friends or family members. It is designed by a French but Houston-based artist. The painted wall is currently one of the best hangout spots within the city. 
Last words
Westheimer stands out as the best place to call it home. The beautiful yet peaceful neighborhood will offer you some of the best apartment homes and access to all the key regions located around this area. 

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