How much work do you need to put in on a wall in your apartment? The monotony of a plain wall might be depressing, but with a little imagination, you can transform your plain wall into a unique work of art.

Here, the importance of wall decor cannot be overstated. When it comes to decorating a blank wall, we’ll show you how to do it in a way that doesn’t deplete your security deposit of your apartment on Westheimer.

Here are eight ideas for sprucing up your apartment’s drab walls:

Affix a Collage to the Wall

Consider a white wall to be a blank canvas. You may spice up your wall and tie your rental’s decor together by hanging a collage. Assorted heights, shapes, and sizes may actually improve the collage representation and create an aesthetically attractive design that is sure to generate a conversation.

Here are a few of our preferred methods for creating a wall collage:

  • Old-fashioned picture and window frames
  • Art (pictures, paintings, and photography)
  • Portraits
  • Mirrors
  • Dishes with varied patterns and hues
  • Wallpaper that can be peeled from the wall
  • Removable wallpaper is a must-have for updating your home’s decor. Modern wallpaper patterns have brought wallpaper back into vogue. Create a focal point in the space with wallpaper. This space is ideal for displaying decorative wall art and picture frames that go with the overall theme.

Squares with an adhesive backing are the most common kind of this wallpaper. Work your way down to the chair rail or baseboards, flattening down any air bubbles along the way. It’s easy to remove the wallpaper once you know how. To remove a corner, simply raise it up and pull it out.

Motivating Words of Wisdom

Adding a motivational quotation to the wall may make your apartment seem more like home. Inspirational phrases and messages may be added to a wall in a variety of ways, including decals and signage. Making your own quotes is one option. Buying something ready-made is another. Having your quotes modified is still another.

Use them as a focal point above a fireplace, couch, or even your bed!

Contemporary Bookshelves with a Sleek Design

A modern bookcase elevates a plain wall to elegant status. Look for a bookcase or an attached shelving unit with a clean design to proudly showcase your home decor, book collection, and more!

Because your shelf is stocked with sentimental treasures, it will have a narrative to tell. Is there anything specific you’d want to have on there?

Rugs and Tapestries

Rugs and tapestries can do wonders for a drab wall of your apartment. You may create a soundproof environment in your house by using wall hanging tapestries and area rugs that absorb sound. The one you choose should represent your personal style and serve as a unifying element for the entire apartment.

Lighter tapestries can be attached to the wall with Velcro strips. Curtain rods on the wall are likely to be needed for larger, heavier tapestries and carpets.

Shelves on a Ladder

From modern to rustic-chic, ladder shelves are available in a variety of designs. Photos, souvenirs, and other memorabilia can all be displayed on these shelves. The ladder shelf may be dressed up on nearly any wall by putting it on a stand.

This kind of wall decoration is perfect for those who live in apartments. Because the shelf is mounted to the wall, no holes need to be drilled. It’s not so great when you have to worry about a security deposit.

Plants Adding some greenery to your walls may add a lot of personality to your space. Make your apartment more serene by using low-maintenance plants like succulents. If you have a pet, consider using vertical gardens to liven up a drab wall. Just be sure to choose pet-safe plants.

Tape & Ribbon

Decorative tape allows you to create an endless number of murals on your walls. Washi tape is the name given to this type of tape, which is available in many different colors and patterns. It’s a fantastic way to add some color and interest to a blank wall.

Use it to decorate a bare wall, your desk, or your headboard. With Washi tape, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless. Simply take it off when you’re ready to go.

You only need a little creative imagination to liven up a drab rental property wall. Use these ideas to create a focal point on any wall in your home, no matter what room it’s on. Have fun with the design!

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